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My 5 Favorite YouTube Channels


I recently discovered YouTube. By “recently,” I mean I used to think of YouTube as a place to go for how-to and funny videos. I was never really interested in YouTube much before. However, over the past few months I’ve discovered that I can find “YouTubers” who record information about anything I’m interested in, including BOOKS!

If you have not become familiar with BookTube yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy YA books. Most BookTubers review and talk about YA books, but there are some who review adult books as well. Everything from vlogs, book hauls, reviews, and book challenges, you will absolutely love discovering BookTube if you’re bookish like me.

In addition, I’ve found a plethora of channels about living a minimalist lifestyle and really enjoy those as well!

Here are my current top 5 favorite YouTube channels (in no specific order & not all are about books)…

1.Peruse Project

Regan is a really fun BookTuber and her videos are always entertaining. I really enjoy her book hauls, monthly wrap-ups, vlogs, and sometimes she throws in random topics like recent clothes she’s purchased. I don’t know why, I just really seem to connect with her. Also, her dog Matilda is adorable!

2. Mollie Reads

I absolutely adore Mollie’s YouTube channel and I think it’s mainly because we’re of a similar age, so she makes it feel acceptable to still enjoy reading YA books. 🙂 She’s a free-lance editor and married, which means she understands the demands of real life and talks about fitting in her reading time with everything else that needs accomplished. Mollie also includes many adult fiction books in her videos, which I’m very thankful for. I love how she’s just very real and down to earth in her videos, especially her vlogs.

3. The Ingham Family

This family is everything future family life goals. The Inghams live in the UK and have three sweet girls and they vlog every day. Each day is so fun and full of adventure for this family and it’s really just a positive YouTube channel which is why I enjoy watching. It’s also neat to see how families function in the UK as many things are different, from the foods they eat to the types of trips they take as a family. In the midst of all the depressing news we’re faced with from around the world, I know the Inghams will always be uplifting and they remind us to remain kids at heart!

4. Sarah Nourse

Love, love, love Sarah’s YouTube channel! She and her husband moved from the U.S. to Europe for a simpler lifestyle. They talk about everything from different foods available in Europe and routines to travel and minimalism. I found their channel at the beginning of my minimalism journey and I’ve been hooked ever since. Sarah really creates enjoyable and helpful vlogs!

5. Allyson Faber

I recently discovered Allyson’s channel through my minimalism searches and started watching more of her videos. She’s a special needs mom and minimalist. I think we’re of similar age, which helps me to find connections with her. She has very simple, yet helpful videos for becoming a minimalist. I highly recommend watching her channel, especially if you have a family and want to live a simpler lifestyle.